What should be considered when handling fresh sauerkraut from the bucket?

Fresh, untreated sauerkraut is a natural product whose composition is subject to natural fluctuations depending on the soil conditions, type of cabbage, season and processing and storage conditions.

Since the natural fermentation process also progresses in the bucket or bag (conversion of the sugar contained in white cabbage into lactic acid), it is advisable to handle this product with particular care.

The cooler the herb is stored, the longer it can be kept. (Delay of the constant fermentation process)

Always keep fresh cabbage moist, best kept under brine. This prevents the loss of vitamin C, turning “grey” and the formation of a white layer of fermenting yeast

Fill a maximum of the daily requirement into smaller bags.

Always use clean dishes for removal.

If there is not enough brine in the bucket, you can help yourself with sauerkraut juice from the bottle.

Where does the raw material for the products come from?

Above all, we obtain local vegetables such as white cabbage, red cabbage, beetroot, carrots and celery as far as possible from regional farmers in contract farming.

Which flavors are used?

Exclusively natural flavors based on acetic acid. In the organic sector, we refrain from using aromas as a matter of principle.

Why is sugar used in almost all products?

Sugar is an essential flavor carrier and we use it out of conviction in order to obtain a “round” taste in the finished product through a balanced sugar/acid ratio.

Are the products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes, this applies to almost all products in the organic range. In the Paulsen range there are only a few products with ingredients of animal origin (e.g. brine eggs, mayonnaise, Strasbourg mild and red cabbage).

How are allergens handled?

The markings on the labels are continuously updated. In addition to the recognized allergens, for example, possible allergenic components in flavors are also declared.

Is there an internet sale?

Our entire range, including most of the organic products and range of kale from Lipperland Konserven GmbH, can be found in our shop by clicking on the desired brand and “ Onlineshop” in the menu bar.

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