Organic producer since 1995

Since 1995 we produce various organic pickled products in Otterndorf at the Niederelbe. The raw materials are bought in the region whenever it is possible, e.g. from Bioland Schleswig-Holstein. In 2006 we also started our own organic agriculture with 92 hectars near our production site.
Today our company ist certified according to BCS and IFS standard. For the organic specialiced trade we manufacture products from ecologic farming under the brand name Marschland.

Imported items such as pineapples, tropical fruit cocktails or sour cherries complement the domestic product range such as pickled gherkins, sourcrout, beetroots, red cabbage, celery and pumpkin.

Particularly highly respected is the lactofermented fresh sourcrout, which is freshly packed into cans, glasses and Foil bags between octobre and easter.

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